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My name is Ragnar, I am a personal trainer and online fitness coach. I operate out of Southside Strength and Fitness which was recently rated as “Anchorage’s best gym”! My fitness journey began at about 15 years old when I developed a passion for boxing. From there I eventually branched into mixed marital arts and weight lifting. In 2017 I received my first certification as a personal trainer and soon there after became passionate about sharing my knowledge with others through teaching and coaching. Today, on top of being a coach, I am also a professional MMA fighter with a perfect record of 4-0… I think this is one of the main things that separates me from other trainers, I don’t just “talk the talk”, I also “walk the walk”. I am not trying to sell you some bullshit e-book, or generic, one size fits all, cookie cutter “exercise program”… I’m selling you a system that WORKS, that has been battle tested and proven at the highest level of competition; a format and regimen that I use to get and keep myself and all my clients in the best shape of our lives. So whether you are a high level athlete trying to improve your performance, or a regular person with no gym experience trying to drop some weight, add some muscle and get stronger—my program will work for YOU! Let me help you unlock the best, healthiest version of YOURSELF!
When I was younger I was always a smaller skinny kid, weight lifting and Martial Arts helped me develop my self confidence and find myself. Today I love sharing that same process with my clients! My own physical transformation has never ceased to amaze me… at 23 years old I was a skinny kid with very little muscle mass, I weighed about 145 pounds and did not have a very great muscle to fat ratio. Today I’m 175 pounds and 8.6% body fat. The program I have used for my own personal transformation is essentially the same program I use on all my clients…
My program is unique in the sense that I integrate traditional resistance training (weight lifting) with a high intensity conditioning regime. This helps to optimize both weight loss (specifically fat loss–which is an important distinction after all) and muscle gain (hypertrophy). My clients can expect to lose between 10-15 pounds of fat while gaining 4-6 pounds of muscle in just 3 short months! These are the recurring metrics that I see with nearly all of my dedicated clients who follow the program, while simultaneously following my nutritional recommendations.
Ragnar dead lifting some weight.
Ragnar before and after.
My program is a unique blend of scientifically proven fitness principles and modalities, which I learned through my extensive sports sciences education and continued review and research of the scientific literature of my field; and my experience as a longtime weight lifter, athlete, and Martial Artist. A blend of these two separate arms of knowledge is what I used to create and refine the Primal Fitness program over the last decade. The main tenets of my program are (1) progression, meaning that the intensity increases with your fitness level. (2) periodization, meaning that we will cycle intensity, volume, and rep/set schemes to target all types of muscle fibers and energy pathways. This will allow us to maximize gains while significantly reducing the likelihood of training injuries. And (3) my programs are custom tailored to each clients individual needs, goals, and fitness level. My program is designed to improve mobility, increase strength and endurance, build up cardiovascular fitness, and burn fat simultaneously. I want to see my clients grow overall more fit and healthy… I want to help them improve their quality of life through fitness. At its core my program is functional fitness.
Call or email me today to schedule your free, no commitment, fitness consultation. Let’s start your journey to a lifetime of better health and fitness, I promise you will be amazed by what you can accomplish!
Ragnar holds 5 personal trainer certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association, they include:
  1. Certified Fitness Trainer
  2. Specialist in Strength and Conditioning
  3. Specialist in Exercise Therapy
  4. Specialist in Sports Nutrition
  5. Elite Trainer
ISSA certified Elite Personal Trainer–affordable, professional, experienced.
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